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For Groups

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Are you a group trip organiser and looking for new destinations in Sardinia to propose to your clients or fellow travellers?

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We know how frustrating it can be, when organising a trip for several people, to search for information, to satisfy everyone's needs, to make initial contacts with guides, agencies or hotels in tourist resorts (where they may not speak your language or reply to your e-mails after days and days), to think about sightseeing programmes, leisure time, meals, beds, fun and relaxation.

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Whether you are an agent who organises group travel on a professional level or you are a very enterprising group leader who is looking to organise a holiday for your family or friends group, you are in the right place!

Why should you rely on ByNos 4 Groups?

We were born as travel agents, but we specialise in taking care of every detail for those who want to spend their holidays in the Ogliastra area, in Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese.

This is our territory; we have lived and worked here for years.

We have a network of accommodation that we manage directly, as well as contacts and agreements with most of the local hotels and accommodation facilities. 

We don’t just take care of where you sleep: we organise sea and land excursions, dinners, typical experiences and, if you need it, we also take care of your travels by booking air and sea tickets and organising buses and transport.

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1. Carefree holidays

We are trained tourism professionals and are experts in love with the area. We will create a complete tour for you, leaving nothing to chance, because we know our territory so well.

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2. Local connections

We have contacts with all local suppliers, from hotels to guides to restaurants, with whom we have esteemed relationships and enjoy special conventions to offer our guests.

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3. Offers and conventions for restaurants, hotels, excursions and sea trips

By referring us, you not only get experienced and knowledgeable guides, but you also get the best rates reserved for ByNos Travel.

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4. Prepared for everything, even the unexpected

Did you know that in Sardinia the weather can change? We won't let this disrupt your organisation, we have a plan B for every eventuality!

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5. A single point of contact

Do you know that moment when you have to collect all the invoices from the various suppliers, receipts, entrance tickets, etc. for the final accounting? Again, everything will be easier with us: one invoice, one supplier, one contact person: us! 🙂

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6. We also do tickets!

If you want, we can also serve as a travel agency to book plane or boat tickets for everyone, just ask!

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And if you are a group leader, it will be an opportunity for you to finally relax too and enjoy the days at the beach and in the mountains in the company of your group.

We'll take care of the organisation and management! Changes in the programme due to the weather will no longer be a source of stress for you because we will always have a plan B ready for every eventuality.

Why choose Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese as your group holiday destination?

Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese are strategically located and offer many alternatives for groups, whether you want the sea or the hinterland.

Only an hour’s drive (by bus) away, you can visit the inland villages and experience a Sardinia with a flavour of antiquity, with truly evocative historic villages such as Fonni or Mamoiada, the village of the Masks, the Mammuthones or the more famous Orgosolo and its Murals. 

Our area offers activities and mountain walks for all types of groups, from experienced walkers to the less experienced. 

We will find the right tour for your group!


Sea, mountains, flavours and experiences typical of Sardinia

Whether your group consists of families 

couples, young or old,

we have the right accommodation, experience and tour for you!

When is it best to book?

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The accommodation facilities in Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese are not very large and the availability of rooms is easily exhausted.

Our advice is to book as early as a year before your holiday and we can create options for you even if the group is still being formed.

Call us to learn about possible options, evaluate possible holiday plans and reason with us about the needs of the group you would like to organise the holiday for, you will see that you will all be satisfied!