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For those who love the privacy of an intimate home to enjoy the end of the day in relaxation, a flat is the perfect solution to feel at home away from home. 

Flats in Baunei and S. Maria Navarrese are bright, tastefully furnished and equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette and all the amenities for a truly comfortable holiday.

Consult the list of flats; if you do not find what you are looking for, contact us now and we will find the right solution FOR YOU!

Looking for a flat in Baunei or S. Maria Navarrese?

We have a wide selection of delightful flats that we manage and set up ourselves to make you feel at home. You can look at them all below and check availability. 

If you can’t find your ideal accommodation instead, contact us now! We are sure we can satisfy (almost) any request you may have! Trust ByNos 🙂

appartamenti per famiglie in sardegna Santa Maria Navarrese preview


A selection of flats and holiday homes ideal for families seeking maximum independence and freedom.

appartamenti per coppie in sardegna Santa Maria Navarrese preview


Rent a holiday home in romantic destinations for a trip for two, the ideal gift for your partner.

appartamenti pet friendly in sardegna Santa Maria Navarrese preview


Here you will find a selection of flats and holiday homes ideal for your four-legged friends.

5 reasons to choose to book your stay with Bynos Travel

Functional and cosy homes

Our houses meet everyone's needs. We believe that houses, like hotels, should be able to offer different standards in order to be able to satisfy all the guests who contact us while maintaining all the services and guarantees of larger accommodation facilities. Professionalism, availability and guest care are the basis of ByNos Travel's work.

Assistance before, during and... after!

When travelling, you need a point of reference for every need or unforeseen event: We are there. Call us even before you book: we assist you from that moment on to give you all the information you need and we are there for the duration of your stay. ByNos Travel's professionalism goes beyond solving problems related to accommodation; our team is at your disposal 24 hours a day for any need you may have and to enrich your holiday with excursions and experiences on site. And at the end of your holiday, we are waiting for you for the next one!

Knowledge of languages

We speak English, German, French and Croatian. ByNos Travel welcomes you in your own language. When you are far from home, being able to express yourself in your own language helps you feel welcome and understood.

Twenty years of experience

The ByNos Travel team has always worked in hotel and non-hotel receptivity, especially in Santa Maria Navarrese and Baunei, developing that welcoming attitude that is fundamental to making guests feel as comfortable as possible during their holiday.

We live here

Knowing the place where you are going to live during your holiday is a guarantee of security. The ByNos Travel team lives and works in Santa Maria Navarrese and Baunei. They can confidently and accurately answer questions about distances, nearby services, attractions in the area, and all those details you will need to know before you can book with confidence.