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Typical celebrations and festivals in Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese

The festival in all Italian regions is an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness of the seasonal products linked to the territory.

These occasions see the inhabitants of the towns directly involved in the organization of the event, becoming a unique opportunity for the visitor to come into contact with the culture and tradition of the place they are visiting.

The village festivals and festivals also prove to be relaxing and pleasant evenings to spend in the company of the locals and are often accompanied by folk music or live shows.

The atmosphere is welcoming and the memories you take home are unique.

As a rule, each party is dedicated to a dish or specialty that becomes the protagonist of the dinner.

The cost of the portion is relatively low, so it can also be a good alternative to taste regional products at a really low cost.

Sardinia, with its delicious food and wine specialties, is no exception. Here are the festivals and events not to be missed in Baunei and the surrounding area!

10 – 11 June SA COUA BAUNESA.

An opportunity to immerse yourself in the past and rediscover a Baunei from the 40s and 50s.

Barefoot children running through the streets of the town, scents of typical recipes coming from the houses and cellars open to all in this two-day event.

During the days of the event, the entire town participates by wearing typical clothes, displaying craft objects and preparing typical recipes for visitors who have the opportunity to taste real Sardinian cuisine.

Precious craft objects are displayed in the stone houses and on Sunday the re-enactment of a typical Baunese wedding is staged, with traditions that were still maintained only until a few years ago.

Guests can follow the bride and groom from the groom’s house, join the wedding procession and pick up the bride to walk together to the church square, where everyone can toast the bride and groom together.

June 29th – Feast of St. Peter

Saint Peter is the protector of the Golgo Plain and the beautiful country church from around 1600 is dedicated to him.

The people of Baunei venerate this saint because, according to legend, he saved the village from the tyranny of a dragon who demanded human sacrifices.

The Saint pushed him back into the Su Sterru gorge (the well-known chasm on the plateau), from which he never emerged again.

On the day of his feast, the people of Baunesi go up to Golgo and you can witness a procession with the typical launeddas, musical instruments similar to bagpipes made of reeds.

Typical clothes and riders on their horses make the atmosphere truly evocative.

On the evening of the festival, a goat festival is often organised.

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Pig Festival in Baunei

This festival, known in Sardinia as “Sa sagra de Su Porceddu” in Baunei is known by the name of “Sa sagra de Coppieddu” and takes place in the last week of July and you can enjoy the typical roast suckling pig with a good glass of wine, cheese and carasau bread.

Good wine, excellent Piglet, music and fun are guaranteed!

14 – 15 August

Ferragosto is celebrated throughout Italy, and in Santa Maria Navarrese it is even more heartfelt because Santa Maria is the patron saint of the small coastal hamlet and the small country church from 1,100 is dedicated to her.

Usually, the inhabitants of Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese, who turn 50, organize the celebrations by organizing a religious procession with horses, typical clothes, launeddas and a procession at sea, on board the boats that leave from the small port of Santa Maria Navarrese towards the islets of Ogliastra.

Last Saturday of August: Goat Meat Festival

This festival has very distant origins and over the years it has become well known throughout Sardinia.

In ancient times, Santa Maria Navarrese was a destination for pilgrimages by devotees of the Virgin Mary who, on the occasion of the feast of the Assumption, went to pay their homage to the Saint and stopped in the small seaside hamlet for a few days.

Pilgrims arrived from all over Sardinia on carts pulled by horses or oxen and spent the night in improvised tents in front of the small church.

The inhabitants of Baunei then cooked goat meat and also baked bread in the oven which can still be seen in the park around the church.

To remember this tradition, the Goat Meat Festival was created, which today is known throughout Sardinia and attracts hundreds of visitors every year who will have the opportunity to taste the delicious goat meat of Baunei.

First week of October: Feast of San Lussorio

The feast of San Lussorio is the last major religious festival of the year and involves the thirty-seven-year-olds of the town who for that occasion find themselves all