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Discover Baunei with our Sea and Land Tours

Discover Baunei with our Sea and Land Tours

It is impossible not to be tempted by the East Sardinian sea and it would be a crime not to explore the hinterland of Baunei.

Bynos Travel offers you a vast assortment of the best sea and land tours you can take during your stay in our area. Discover our offer and contact us to book a place for you and your family or friends at the best guaranteed rates!


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To enjoy the east coast of Sardinia, there is nothing better than a sea tour.

Sea tours last all day, are suitable for young and old, individuals, groups and families, and allow you to enjoy a wonderful experience of exploring the coastline and diving into crystal-clear waters. 

With sea tours you can: 

  • Sail the sea in safe and comfortable means;

  • Dive and swim in Italy’s most beautiful sea;

  • Go down to the beach in the wonderful coves of eastern Sardinia;

  • Choose the means of transport that best suits your desires (motorboat, dinghy, yacht, sailing boat);

  • Choose between an excursion with large or small groups, or rent a dinghy just for you and your group, with or without a skipper;

  • Visit and stop at the wonderful coves along the coast of Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese such as Cala Mariolu, Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Biriala, Cala dei Gabbiani and others;

  • Explore the Grotte del Fico and Grotta del Bue Marino caves;

  • Choose between trips with lunch on board, welcome drink, light lunch.

    Now you are spoilt for choice!

    Discover the details of each tour and contact us to reserve your place at the best price guaranteed 

    or contact us directly to choose together the best sea tour for you and those with you.

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Motorboat Tours

You can choose a comfortable motorboat that will allow you to visit the coast while sitting on the benches outside or inside the boat, and to descend to the beaches in peace thanks to the ladders that will take you directly to the shore without getting wet.

On the motorboat you have all the comforts at your disposal: toilets, air conditioning, tables for packed lunches and it is also an excellent solution for those who do not want to give up bringing a pushchair for their child.

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Dinghy Tours

If you choose to visit the beaches with smaller groups (maximum 12 or 15 people), a rubber dinghy could be your solution. 

The dinghy also allows you to get a closer look at the small hidden coves of the coastline and to take a few dives directly from the tubes in places where the sea bed is particularly transparent. If you want a more intimate experience, you can also choose to hire a dinghy just for you, with or without a skipper.

Bynos pranzo a bordo

Ferry cruise tour + lunch on board

Another great experience is to visit the beaches of the coast on board comfortable boats that offer a delicious on-board seafood lunch (there is also a vegetarian alternative).

Bynos Travel tour barca a vela

Sailing tours

For the past few years the offer of sea tours has expanded and you can also choose to have an exclusive experience on board a sailing boat or a yacht. Both tours include an aperitif on board and I can assure you that sipping a fresh vermentino on board one of these boats will make your holiday something special! 

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Yacht tours

For the past few years the offer of sea tours has expanded and you can also choose to have an exclusive experience on board a sailing boat or a yacht. 

Both tours include an aperitif on board and I can assure you that sipping a fresh Vermentino on board one of these boats will make your holiday something special! 

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Kayak Tours

A soft and totally green way to visit beautiful stretches of the Santa Maria Navarrese and Baunei coastline. 

Enjoy a slow pace and close contact with the sea, which only a kayak tour can provide. 

Comfortable, lightweight kayaks can be hired for a half-day or a full day.


It may seem incredible to you, but there is more to Sardinia than just the sea!

Explore the hinterland and the beauty of our island by exploring the beautiful trails we have available. They will enrich your holiday without ever boring you and will be a wonderful alternative to days at the beach. 

With the Bynos Tour selection you really do have a wide choice! We challenge you to make a decision between walking, horseback riding, train, e-bike, quad bike and a donkey-riding alternative for your kids. 

Discover all the land tours you can do in Santa Maria Navarrese and Baunei and contact us to guarantee a place for you and those with you at the best guaranteed rates!

bynos tour terra cala mariolu jeep mare

Trekking Cala Mariolu by jeep and return by sea

Imagine travelling through stretches of mountain where it seems no one has ever passed before. Breathtaking panoramas of the sea, extraordinary views of the Supramonte, colours and scents that you can only experience in the midst of the Mediterranean maquis, typical of our territory… and at the end of the trek, dive into the sea! A Jeep ride will take you to the start of the trail and return by sea at the end of the day.

tour trekking cala mariolu jeep

Trekking to Cala Sisine by Jeep


You start out from the Golgo plain in a comfortable jeep and cross the Supramonte di Baunei to reach the bed of the Codula di Sisine and from there continue on foot for less than half an hour to reach the wild Cala Sisine. 

An easy route that is also suitable for families with children, where you will be fascinated by the nature of the Supramonte to reach the sea by land.

bynos tour terra asinelli bambini

Donkey trekking - children riding donkeys!

A short donkey trek during the cooler hours of the evening will allow your children to experience a true donkey-riding adventure and you to relax with a slow and rejuvenating donkey walk. 

The tour includes a loop around Pedra Longa, with a breathtaking view of the sea with the colours of the sunset.

bynos tour terra passeggiata cavallo mare

Horse Riding Tours

Let yourself be enraptured by the wild charm of a horse-riding tour!

This tour will allow you to get to know Sardinia from a different point of view, visiting the Golgo plain amidst the mysteries of the nuraghi, natural pools and sacred wells up to the small country church of San Pietro and the thousand-year-old olive trees.

Also suitable for those who have never ridden!

bynos tour terra trenino

Tour with Trenino Supramonte

The Trenino Supramonte is not just a train. On board the rubber-tyred train you will learn anecdotes and legends that the knowledgeable and passionate guides will tell you. You will ascend about 400 metres above the village where you can admire a breathtaking panorama and take wonderful photos of the entire Ogliastra valley and the sea in the distance.

bynos tour terra ebike baunei

E-bike tours

Do you like to experience holidays in a sporty way and do you love mountain biking? 

With an e-bike you can experience the thrill of discovering nature at your own pace, deciding when to stop and when to continue to reach the beautiful beaches of the East Coast of Sardinia on your bike without the slightest effort.

bynos tour terra quad baunei

Quad bike tours

If you love motors and adventure, a quad bike tour is what will give your holiday a touch of adventure and fun!

Our guides will accompany you and lead the way with their quad bike and show you the trails to ride safely.