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E-bike tours

Discover the paths of Santa Maria Navarrese by E-bike

Do you like to live your holiday in a sporty way and do you love mountain biking? 

Feel free to enjoy the freedom of biking in the sun and among the uphill paths of Sardinia thanks to the e-bike!

With the e-bike you can experience the thrill of discovering nature at your own pace, deciding when to stop and when to continue to reach the beautiful beaches of the East Coast of Sardinia on your bike without the slightest effort.

Pedal-assisted electric mountain bikes will allow you to cover many kilometres easily and effortlessly!

You will be able to rent the very comfortable e-bikes in Baunei and choose from the many routes designed and selected by our local guides. 

You may decide to combine your tour with a wine tasting in a wine cellar, or choose to go to a sheepfold and perhaps, if the time is right, experience milking the goats together with the shepherd. 

All this in the greenest possible way!


Rental and bike cost: 

  • From 35,00€ for ½ day and 55,00€ for full day


Cost of Hire half day plus experience:  

  • From 60,00€