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Bynos Experience

Enjoy Sardinia with our Local Experiences!

We welcome you on an adventure that will make you feel like an integral part of Sardinia.

If you want to go where ancient flavours merge with the breathtaking beauty of Baunei and Santa Maria Navarrese and live an experience that will take you to the authentic heart of this fascinating land, then our ‘Bynos Experiences’ are what you are looking for.

With our visits, you will have the unique opportunity to make friends with the locals, learn about their crafts handed down from generation to generation and discover the secrets of producing local delicacies. 

In our culinary workshops you will have the opportunity to put your hands to the dough – literally – and create traditional dishes under the expert guidance of our local masters. You will work with fresh, authentic ingredients, learning the secrets of recipes handed down over the centuries.

Prepare to taste, create, and connect with Sardinia, its typicalities and inhabitants in ways that will leave you with indelible memories and a lasting bond with this fascinating land.

tour capra baunei sardegna 800

Goat Tour

If you want to get to know Sardinia, the real Sardinia, we advise you to give up an afternoon at the beach and come with us to the Supramonte di Baunei, on the Piana di Golgo to discover all the secrets of a mysterious and unique island.

Treat yourself to a unique experience discovering the territory, the tastes and the mountain goats, important protagonists of local production and Sardinian delicacies.

laboratorio culurgiones baunei sardegna 800

Culurgiones Culinary Workshop

We invite you to an extraordinary experience: our culinary workshop of culurgiones, taste jewels of Sardinia. Discover the art of folding and filling this fresh pasta by hand, as tradition comes to life under your fingers. In just a few hours, you will become a master at creating and savouring authentic Sardinian flavours. A plunge into the heart of local culture starting with the filling.

laboratorio mailoreddus baunei sardegna 800

Malloreddos Culinary Workshop

Malloreddos, or Sardinian gnocchetti, are delicious protagonists of our local menus. Would you like to make them at home together with local cooks?

Explore the soul of Sardinia through the malloreddos culinary workshop. With your hands in the dough you will shape jewels of tradition and taste. Unlock the secrets of this local delicacy, immersing yourself in a sensory experience that mixes history and flavour.

laboratorio pane carasau baunei sardegna 800

Pane Carasau Culinary Workshop

If you are in Sardinia, you will certainly have tasted Pane Carasau, an authentic Sardinian delicacy. Have you ever thought how it is made so thin and crispy?

Discover the secret of authentic Sardinian taste with our Bread Carasau culinary workshop. Knead tradition and passion, savouring every step in the creation of this crunchy gastronomic treasure.

visita degustazione olio baunei sardegna 800

Olivina Oil Experience

Would you like to embark on an emotional journey into the land of Sardinian olive groves? We offer you a unique experience for lovers of extra virgin olive oil.

Under the guidance of passionate and knowledgeable Stefania, you will discover the millenary tradition of olive processing and the secret behind every drop of gold, hone your ability to recognise the true taste of high quality extra virgin olive oil, and share convivial moments savouring oil alongside traditional delicacies.

wine tour baunei santa maria navarrese 800

Wine Tour

Is wine your passion? 

Lorenzo and Roberto, two passionate wine-growing brothers and producers of Vino Pusole, will open the door to a unique experience for you. You will taste various types of wine and discover the stories of small local wineries that enhance the territory. In their cosy retreat, listening to their stories, you will delight in delicious wines, accompanied by local cured meats and cheeses. After a day at the beach, this encounter becomes the icing on the cake for an unforgettable holiday.