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wine tasting

Getting to know Pusole wine

Together with Lorenzo and Roberto, two brothers who are passionate winegrowers and producers of Vino Pusole, you will have an experience that will not only allow you to taste different types of wine, but also to learn about the history of small local wineries that passionately try to work in their territory and through their guided tours help to promote it.

You will meet the two brothers directly at their home where they have their small winery and a farm. Entertained by their stories, you will taste excellent wine accompanied by locally produced cold meats and cheeses.

After a beautiful day at the beach, this will be the icing on the cake to finish off your holiday!



25.00€ per person,
children 6 – 12 years 10€

Minimum 6 adults


Every evening after 18:00 Location Osulai

Languages spoken: Italian, German, English