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Goat Tour

Savor the true taste of Sardinia with the Goat Tour

If you want to get to know Sardinia, the real Sardinia, we suggest you forgo an afternoon at the beach and come with us to the Supramonte of Baunei, on the Golgo Plain, to discover all the secrets of a mysterious and unique island. You will not regret it!

We will take you to a world still present, made of traditions, unsolved mysteries related to nuraghi, but most importantly you will understand how and why the Goat is so important to our community.

How the visit takes place: 

  • Meet at the Golgo plain in front of the small church of St. Peter.
  • We will visit together the exterior of the small country church of St. Peter and tell you anecdotes, legends and traditions related to the figure of this saint.
  • We will then move together to the natural pools of Golgo, still so important for the animals of the plains that drink every day thanks to the water that is collected during the winter.

In this enchanting and mystical setting, we will taste goat cheese from the Baunei dairy and, while sipping a glass of cannonau, listen to other unique stories that only such an experience can provide.

At the end of the tour, we will descend to Baunei where we will witness the creation of the now famous baby goat by the artisans of Sa Brocca, who attach an identity card to each ceramic baby goat with the name and peculiarities of their unique creation.

We will say goodbye with a delicious goat’s milk ice cream at the Timasù ice cream shop.



€25.00 per person,

children 6 to 12 years free 

Minimum 6 adults


Start: 5 p.m. (St. Peter’s Church, Golgo Plain)

End: 8:00 p.m.