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Olivina Oil Experience

A sensory journey into the world of oil

Sardinia, like so many lands in southern Italy, is a land of Olive groves, and many are the towns that have obtained the status of Oil Cities for the presence of oil mills and olive groves.

What we are proposing together with Stefania, an expert and lover of extra virgin olive oil, is a sensory journey into the world of oil that will make you more aware of our olive processing tradition and your future purchases.

During the experience, after Stefania introduces you to the world of olive oil production, we will offer a blindfolded sensory activity: this will help you refine your ability to recognize the true flavor of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

This will be followed by a convivial time of tasting the oil paired with traditional foods (vegan and gluten-free alternatives available)



  • 25.00€ per person (with tasting)
  • children 6 – 12 years 15.00€ (with tasting). 

Minimum 6 adults



Every Friday starting at 6 p.m. in Lotzorai at the Old Mill

Languages Spoken: Italian,German, English